paintball group


paintball group

from 140.00

Each player gets no time limit of organized games with game official Saturday and Sunday, air, marker rental, paintballs (500 each). Plenty of seating is available, bring all the food and drinks you like. Pick Low Speed or Standard Paintball. Low Speed Paintball is suggested for younger players, beginners and those who want lighter equipment that shoots at a lower speed.

paint all bunch 4 to 7 players - $280

paint all crew 8 to 11 players - $440

paint all squad 12 to 15 players - $600

paint all troop 16 to 19 players - $760

*If you are booking this package outside business hours you have 4 hours available for organized play.

*Minimum deposit required to reserve, remainder due at check-in. Any additional players can be paid for on the day of play.

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