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*Mobile Laser Tag Available anywhere in Texas
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* Reservations are not required Sat. & Sun. but always suggested so we can guarantee your spot

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Did you know?

The facility has been here since 1998!

Ages 9 to 100 play on a regular basis

The facility can accommodate over 300 people, including covered seating and tables.  

Show up by yourself and we will join you up with others OR bring a group

There are 38 acres available for play 

You can bring you own refreshments and food or you can purchase from our Snack Bar

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Paintball is the fastest growing sport in American and everybody enjoys the adrenaline rush in an advanced game of hide-and-seek!  

Airsoft has a more realistic Military feel and look, using small plastic BB's to eliminate players.  

Laser Tag is fun for all ages and the units look just like a paintball gun but are based on a computer screen that monitors hits, time, and ammo.  

Mobile Laser Tag can be set up anywhere and we can meet you at your backyard, at the park, or at your church just let us set everything up and cover the fun.