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*Mobile Laser Tag Available anywhere in Texas
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Mobile Laser Tag Games are available 7 days a week at most locations!  

We can customize the games for small or large groups of players and we can play day or night! 

Allages play!

Mobile Laser Tag can be set up in back yards, Carnivals, School grounds, Church grounds, City Parks...almost any space!

We come to you and set up an outdoor or indoor arena where you and your group can play. Since these Laser Tag units are 100% portable we can travel practically anywhere - the beach, ballrooms, parks, parking lots, school grass areas, gymnasiums or wilderness areas. 

We offer play packages from 2 to 6 hours!

Each package includes:

- Set-up and tear-down of playing field or booth

- Minimum 12 Laser Tag Units

- Obstacle Barriers for Laser Tag

- Event Leader/Game Referee and instruction

- Unlimited number of guest

In Laser Tag the basic game play of Team Elimination lasts about 2-4 minutes per round 12 players on the field per round. Of course, we have other games that can be played, too. Capture the Flag, Humans vs Zombies, Protect the VIP, and we can introduce Medic players as needed. 




Call 361-814-3830 to book anywhere in Texas*

*Home base is Austin and Corpus Christi so additional fees apply to locations outside that area. 

  • Birthday parties 
  • Summer camps 
  • School organizations
  • Bachelor parties 
  • Corporate functions
  •  Block parties
  • Church outings
  • Fund raisers
  • Youth groups 
  • And much more

Laser Tag and Mobile Lasesr Tag

Serving Austin, Corpus Christi, and surrounding areas

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What is Paintball Laser Tag?

Paintball Laser Tag is the new realistic and softer way to play paintball. Unlike traditional paintball and other laser tag systems, Paintball Laser Tag can be enjoyed indoor and outdoors. By adapting real paintball markers we bring the same excitement of paintball to people who desire softer ways to play. 

How Does the Laser Tag System Work?

Paintball Laser Tag features two different systems using infrared (IR) and radio frequency(RF) technology. The IR has a variable range of 250' for indoors and over 500' for outdoors and the RF has a range of over a mile. The systems comes with standard pre-defined games with an option to create customized games. Field operators can set ammunition levels, number of lives, game time, etc. The receiver itself tracks ammunition, game time, and your health levels and displays this information on the unit’s LCD screen. In addition, it signals visually and audibly


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