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*Mobile Laser Tag Available anywhere in Texas
                                                                                                                                                                               Walk-On Play Saturday 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM     Walk-On Play Sunday  12:00 PM - 8:00 PM 

                                    Open 24/7 for Pre Booked Groups, CALL or TEXT NOW


* Reservations are not required Sat. & Sun. but always suggested so we can guarantee your spot


We have entertained many company's at the facility and most gladly paid to have their employees in an environment were they could focus on team building and exercise in a fun environment!    

Below is an example Group Paintball Membership and we can design one specifically for your group so contact us with what you have in mind.

  • Unlimited use of the Paintball facility during normal business hours but will not cover entry into events      
  •  Twice monthly use of the facility during non-business hours with 1 week advance scheduling and prior approval
  •  To operate during non-business hours a minimum of 10 players is required
  • Minimum of 25 rentals available:  semi-auto marker, mask, hopper, tank, and barrel cover
  • Unlimited air fills of CO2 or compressed air while playing at the facility
  •  Individually coached games, focused on team building and physical conditioning
  • 10%  Off store items, excluding paintballs, markers, and any sale items
  •  ½ price Paintball admission for immediate household family members of employees
  • Players must check-in with photo ID upon entering the facility every time
  • Players failing to follow the safety guidelines and rules will risk forfeiting their membership
  •  Company will receive free Paintball passes every month good for admission, air, and full rental for up to 6 players 

**Please contact us if you are looking to set up a company membership and we can give you a quote



Join Us

  • Birthday parties 
  • Summer camps 
  • School organizations
  • Bachelor parties 
  • Corporate functions
  •  Block parties
  • Church outings
  • Fund raisers
  • Youth groups 
  • And much more
Monthly Memberships

Paintball Player       $20 per Month
* Admission 
* Air
* 10% Off Gear

​Paintball Leader       $27 per Month
* Admission
* Air
* Rental
* 10% off Gear

​Paintball Pro              $36 Per Month
* Admission
* Air
* Rental
* 10% off Gear
* Free Paint Upgrades
* Free Guest 
Every Month
* Discounts on Events
* Extended Layaway

Paintball Team          $41 Per Month
(family only)
* 3 Admission
* 3 Air

Did you know?

The facility has been here since 1998!

Ages 9 to 100 play paintball on a regular basis

The facility can accommodate over 300 people, including covered seating and tables.  

Show up by yourself and we will join you up with others OR bring a group

There are 38 acres available for play 

You can bring you own refreshments and food or you can purchase from our Snack Bar

Make a request or ask a question

We offer Tournaments, Scenarios, Mud Runs, and other Special Events throughout the year!

Waivers are required by all participates and must be signed every calendar year.

Check out store discounts, make an order, or learn about play with it layaway

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Play Extreme Sports has been making fun our business since 1998.  We host a family environment that has something for everybody to enjoy.
Everybody come play or bring all the food and drinks you like and sit back and watch in our large seating area.
What is Paintball?  Paintball is a high energy, adrenaline pumping sport where players attempt to eliminate each other by firing small, non-toxic, washable paintballs from air powered markers.  Each team's goal is to eliminate the other team without getting hit by the paintballs.
Who Can Play?  Just about anyone can play.  Paintball is not an age discriminating sport and all ages can and do play together (IT IS MORE FUN THAT WAY).  
We divide groups based on skill level and a person of a mature age by no means has an advantage over younger individuals. An average paintball game is 7 vs. 7 so smaller groups may occassionally have non-reserved individuals added to there group for play.   We suggest 8 years or older to play but younger can and do play at parents discretion.  If you enjoy lots of action and making new friends, come to Play Extreme Sports for a fun day of adventure.

What is Low Speed Paintball?
Some of the little kids did not want to play paintball because they were worried it would sting too much when they got hit. But with the advent of the 50 caliber paintball guns, this has all changed! 
These guns shoot a smaller paintball, in fact, the 50 caliber paintball guns vs the standard 68 caliber paintball guns is about one third the weight, and so now, even though it's traveling at the same speed, this paintball has about one third the impact when it hits someone. 

Reserve your next group party online!
* Groups and Individuals can show up at any time! Reservations are not mandatory for Saturday and Sunday play.

We Rent and Sell  Everything
You Need to Play!

All play is monitored and organized by a game official.  Groups are typically 8 to 12 and will be grouped according to skill level!