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*Mobile Laser Tag Available anywhere in Texas
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Did you know?

The facility has been here since 1998!

Ages 9 to 100 play paintball & Airsoft on a regular basis

The facility can accommodate over 300 people, including covered seating and tables.  

Show up by yourself and we will join you up with others OR bring a group

There are 38 acres available for play

You can bring you own refreshments and food or you can purchase from our Snack Bar

We offer Tournaments, Scenarios, Mud Runs, and other Special Events throughout the year!

Waivers are required by all participates and must be signed every calendar year.

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Play Extreme Sports has been making fun our business since 1998.  We host a family environment that has something for everybody to enjoy.
Everybody come play or bring all the food and drinks you like and sit back and watch in our large seating area.
 What is Airsoft

Airsoft is a modern combat simulation sport that has been around for more than 30 years. Players eliminate opponents or practice hitting targets with spherical airsoft pellets that are launched from varying types of Airsoft markers.

What is Required?
We only sell Airsoft units so be prepared to bring your own or purchase from the store.

Airsoft, like any other sport, is extremely safe when proper safety procedures are followed and safety equipment is worn.  Every player entering the playing field must following the proper safety rules.

.20 Gram FPS = 400
.25 Gram FPS = 350

Play Extreme Sports requires the use of an impact resistant full protective face mask to protect the eyes and an approved barrel blocking device.

Required, rental $5

Required, for sale $6

Must purchase BB's at the park!
We care about the impact this plastic has on the environment and only sale fast dissolving biodegradable  Airsoft BB's at our facility.  ​ We also have an insurance policy that does not allow outside bb's in an effort to prevent the possibility of someone injecting the units with something harmful.

We only sell Airsoft units so be prepared to bring your own or purchase from the store.

Come play one or all of our games!